Friday, 25 October 2013

Welcome... my new blog.

It's called  "The Golden Bowl" after the name given the Moss when it was drained in the mid-nineteenth century. Its 320 marshy acres were transformed into a wheat-producing marvel:  a golden bread-bowl to help feed the growing towns of industrial Lancashire.

But in 1918 wartime shortages pushed coal prices to shocking new heights, and the steam pump which drained the Moss stopped short, never to pump again. 

Rich arable fields rapidly reverted to lake and marsh -- and golden reeds replaced the golden grain. Between the Wars Leighton Moss became a famous duck-shoot. But 50 years ago next year the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) arrived on the scene, and the shooting eventually stopped.

I'm researching a book on the history of the Moss for publication next year. In this blog I hope to think aloud, invite comment and share the knowledge, memories and theories of local people and experts about the twists and turns that have shaped the Moss since the arrival of the very first twitchers: the  hunter-gatherers who pitched their huts between the woods and the water 6,000 years ago
Leighton Hall with the Golden Bowl beyond